Solidarity in times of crisis

Annette Larsen of Harcourt Produce and General Store and Harcourt Valley Winery's Kye Livingstone.

It may seem a very long time ago now that Australia was shocked by the devastation of the summer’s bushfires, but the kindness and solidarity shown during that crisis continues in our communities today.
During the bushfire crisis the team from Harcourt Valley Winery wanted to do its bit to help raise much-needed funds for the victims.
The winery put out a call to local venues with the idea that if it donated cases of wine to them the venues could then offer glasses or bottles to customers in return for a donation, with all proceeds going towards an agreed organisation.
Owner Kye Livingstone said seven local venues came on board to raise a total of $4241.85 for various bushfire aid.
“It was great to see the venues come together and get on board with this,” Kye said.
“I hope that the people of our community get behind these venues (and any others) that are helping support the people of Australia.
“We have now turned our focus to helping out these venues during the coronavirus crisis and providing support through online campaigns with collective offerings.
“We hope the community is now able to help these venues by ordering some takeaway until the current crisis is over.”

Kye said anyone who would like to assist could follow their Facebook page for more information and upcoming offers.
The venues involved and their chosen bushfire charities were:
Railway Hotel and Criterion Hotel – $840 (combined) Victorian Bushfire Appeal
ASQ Skydancers Cafe $941.95 – Wildlife Victoria
Klua Sathorn Thai restaurant – $515 Vic Bushfire Appeal
Goldfields Track Cafe $318.90 – Harcourt CFA
Harcourt Produce and General Store $197 – RSPCA
Tyson’s Reef Hotel – $721 Vic Bushfire Appeal
Wine Bank on View – $708 Vic Bushfire Appeal

Donna McMahon of Goldfields Track Cafe Harcourt.