Love to sing?

Vibrant choral conductor Polly Christie is inviting everyone who loves to sing to join the Pollyphonics as they return to performing.

The Pollyphonics Choir has found its voice again after a year-long COVID-19 hiatus and is regrouping this Thursday in Woodend.
Conducted by vibrant choral conductor Polly Christie, this mixed voice choir sings a blend of soul, global folk, African rhythms and delicious harmonies.

Polly says the choir meets fortnightly and is open to all lovers of singing, especially those who have had some previous experience.
“Everyone who’s been wanting and ready to sing can now do it, we’re open to anyone just coming along for a sing for the first couple of weeks,” Polly says.
“We’ll be singing some of our easy songs that we’ve done – an Archie Roach song, an old ’60s soul number that everyone get into and a Crowded House song – so it will be easy to get back into singing after not singing for such a long time.”

Once up and running the choir will then begin rehearsing for performances later in the year including for the Kyneton Daffodil and Arts Festival and another in partnership with a small classical ensemble in November.
“The first will be more of a cabaret style performance and then the next one is more serious performance,” Polly says.
“It’s not a beginner choir, so it is about people who have already sung in a choir before or have had some music training.
“We’ve been going for 12 years now, and this is the biggest break that we’ve ever had, but we’ve still got a really lovely core group that are beautiful singers together.”

Join the Pollyphonics for rehearsal from 7.30-9.30pm on Thursday, May 13, in the Norma Richardson Hall, 15 Buckland Street, Woodend. Call to let Polly know you will be there – 0417 059 434. Keep up to date with choir events at