Top shot from firie

Volunteer named runner-up in CFA photo competition

Chewton Fire Brigade volunteer Steve Womersley snapped this picture of fellow brigade members amid the smoke.

Chewton Fire Brigade volunteer Steve Womersley has been named runner-up in the annual CFA National Volunteer Week Photo Competition.
Steve snapped a picture of fellow brigade members in smoke at a fireground.

“It’s a photo of my mate Mouse (Barry Mounsey) who’s always got a keen eye for a dangerous tree,” Steve said.
“A fire had broken out in the scrub outside Lexton and we’d been called there the following day to help with blacking out.
“The light was lovely and we were in a position where we weren’t too pressured so I had the opportunity to step back and take a couple of good shots.”

After receiving submissions from across the state, the photos were marked against a variety of criteria and judged to best represent CFA values.

CFA chief officer Jason Heffernan said the photos were not only visually spectacular, but also captured the essence of CFA volunteers.
“This competition highlights how the values of safety, teamwork, adaptable, integrity and respect are displayed by our volunteers every day,” Mr Heffernan said.

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