Halloran history documented

The Halloran family gathered in Pastoria to celebrate the book launch on April 24.

The Halloran family has a long a fascinating history in the Kyneton area and Michael Halloran has penned it in The Hallorans of Kyneton and Beyond.

More than a chronicle of one family, the book tells the story of the origins and fortunes of the Irish peoples who left their homelands in the 19th century to settle in distant places like Australia.

Leaving their beloved homelands with little chance of returning would have been a significant challenge for Irish people as it is for any migrant, but the Halloran story tells us how the Irish people established new lives and contributed to building strong communities in new lands.

In 1869, Daniel Halloran and his wife Anne acquired land in Pastoria and settled into farming life.

They were among the many Irish immigrants in the 1850s who made the long trek to Australia to seek opportunities for their families.

Daniel and Anne developed the farm significantly over the years and produced cream sold to the Kyneton butter factory, lambs sold to the local butcher, and wool, eggs, grains, and oats.

Today, the Halloran farm is still run by one of the descendants of Daniel and Anne, Mick Halloran, making it one of the longest continuous family farms in the region at 153 years.

During this time, the Halloran descendants have been notable for their many achievements. Dan Halloran (II) served as Kyneton Shire president in 1918 and his son Jim was one of the famous Rats of Tobruk during the 1941 campaign to push the German army out of the middle east.

Among the Halloran descendants have also been VFL footballers Frank and Danny Halloran, a world-renowned scientist Gerald Halloran, a Walkley Award winning journalist Jessica Halloran, young Australian of the year nominee Dan Halloran, an award-winning winemaker Clare Halloran, and highly acclaimed opera singer Antoinette Halloran.

The family gathered in Pastoria to celebrate the book launch on April 24.

The book is available for purchase ($20, inc. P&H) by contacting Michael Halloran via email: mj_halloran@hotmail.com