Edgars Mission calls on ewe

Paddock pals, Snow White and Willy Wonka, are the faces of Edgar's Mission's fundraising campaign.

A sassy three-legged lamb named Snow White and her vision-impaired friend Willy Wonka are the beloved ambassadors of Edgar’s Mission’s end of financial year fundraiser.

The two lucky lambs, who arrived at the not-for-profit’s Lancefield sanctuary in 2020 with life-threatening conditions, are now thriving and have become firm friends.

“Their resilience reminds us every day that your physical form does not define who you are, nor your will to live,” said Pam Ahern, founder and director.

“Our promise to every animal who enters our sanctuary gates is that we will provide them with a life truly worth living – no matter their age, or their ailments. A place where they can grow old with grace, dignity, and kindness.”

Edgar’s Mission is known for pushing beyond traditional veterinary boundaries and outdated perceptions to ensure that their rescued animals receive the quality of care they need.

“Our seniors, like 15-year-old Henry Pig, now make up 132 of the 480 animals residing at the sanctuary, and this comes with tailored care and treatment plans for those who need a little extra help,” Pam shared.

This end of financial year, they are calling on kind hearts to help them raise $100,000.

“This represents half of our annual veterinary costs, and will go a long way to empower us to continue to provide the care and rehabilitation our rescued animals deserve.”

Donations over $2 are tax-deductible for Australian residents. To donate, visit: powerofkindness.com.au