Come join the choir

Adam Przewlocki has accepted an invitation to direct the U3A Kyneton Choir.

There are many benefits attached to choir singing – it creates a strong sense of community and social inclusion.

It increases self-esteem, is an ideal way to express emotions and strengthens the immune system.

U3A Kyneton has established a choir and is excited to announce Adam Przewlocki has accepted an invitation to direct it.

Adam is proposing to work towards the goal of a public performance during the Kyneton Daffodil and Arts Festival.

Previous experience and the ability to read music are not necessary.

There will be 10 weekly practise sessions held from July 15 until September 16. Sessions will commence on the Fridays at noon and finish at 2pm.

U3A will be performing with two other Kyneton choirs, the ‘Sea Shanty Choir’ and the ‘Rainbow Choir’, as both are also involved with the Daffodil Festival. The plan is for continuation of the choir with a second series – October to December.

U3A offers lifelong learning, physical activity and social and community interaction primarily for members in the third age of life.

Further information about U3A Kyneton can be found via the website, by email at or call John/Roni on 0439 360 763.