Kyneton’s new Aussie

New citizen Trianne Garcia McKenna at the Kyneton Town Hall.

Philippines-born Kyneton resident, Trianne Garcia McKenna, was among 29 new citizens welcomed to the Macedon Ranges last Tuesday night at a citizenship ceremony at the Kyneton Town Hall. 

It has been had quite a journey for Trianne to come to Australia and she said she was thrilled to become a proud Filipino Australian. 

“From a young girl who didn’t have many opportunities to excel in life, flash to a teenager who failed English class and who couldn’t even afford her exams,” Trianne said. 

“Step to a young woman moving to the Middle East to support her family, snap to that fateful completely accidental Facebook friend request, forward to a more mature young woman moving to the Maldives for better work opportunities to save up enough money to marry the love of her life. 

“Fade to a nervous but excited 20-something moving halfway across the world to be with him with the full support of his loving parents, cut to searching Facebook market place for a car that costs less than $1000. 

“Crossfade to a couple owning their own disability support business and living in their own home with their little dog son. 

“It’s been a special journey to this amazing moment. It’s as if each step, each decision, each moment in my life has unbeknownst to me had been puzzle pieces in a puzzle that has only just revealed itself.” 

Trianne thanked her friends in the Philippines for going to great effort to get her ceremony outfit to her in time and to Debra ‘Swayn’ for making her spectacular Filipiniana-inspired suit. 

She also thanked her husband Francis and her mother and father-in-law, Clare and Daniel McKenna from Aesop’s Attic Bookshop, for their love and support. 

Other new citizens originated from Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Thailand, Poland, United States, Vietnam, Bermuda, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Czech Republic and Belgium.