Men’s shed going well

There were plenty of positives to emerge from the annual meeting of Romsey Men’s Shed last month. 

The executive members were re-elected unopposed, as were nine of the committee members, with Neil Barker the only addition. 

A large attendance at the meeting was welcomed by president Kevin Fothergill, as were shire councillors Geoff Neil and Bill West who were impressed with the progress being made by the men’s shed, which now has over 60 members, with 17 newcomers signing up in the past 12 months. 

Mr Fothergill expressed thanks to secretary Eric Foster, treasurer Frank Maule and vice-president Roy Goodall for their efforts over the past 12 months. 

He said the committee as a whole had worked well as everyone had contributed in some way, often low key, but their individuals contributions were what made the shed work. 

The president acknowledged there could be a bit of impatience at times with a perceived lack of progress at times, but described as “remarkable” the progress from the time of an AGM in the scout hall in 2019, then in a concrete and steel shell in late 2020: to the present time. 

Recent working bees have got the mezzanine floor project to a useable state, and the shed is operational; several community-based projects have been completed in the past year. 

The shed is in a sound financial position. 

Mr Fothergill commended all those who have donated tools and machinery; also state and federal MPs Mary-Anne Thomas and Rob Mitchell were thanked for their support, as was Bendigo Bank. 

Support from the shire council is now being sought to enable shed expansion to the east. 

The president the next 12 months should also be successful. 

The 10 committee members elected to back up the executive are Darren Young, Jeff Smith, Laurie Bellingham, Les Saultry, Michael Purtill, Neil Fowler, Paul Green, Shane O’Brien, Brian Neivandt and Neil Barker. 

Restoration of a donated 1925 T-model Ford is an important ongoing project.