Rubbish mars the marshland

    Broken polystyrene is strewn across the Gisborne Marshlands.

    Angela Crawford

    A New Gisborne resident has raised the alarm over a large amount of debris and rubbish polluting the Gisborne Marshlands.

    The resident said he suspected the debris had been blown into the marshlands from a nearby housing construction site during recent strong winds.

    “The last big wind saw large amounts of broken polystyrene in the marshlands and lakes, but little appears to have been done to resolve this ongoing pollution problem,” he said.

    “It’s a disgrace how the marshlands and its lakes can be so disregarded when it comes to protecting it from the pollution brought on by developments in the Gisborne area.

    “We can’t do much regarding the increased number of people living in the area, but then building for this, there does need to be some standards regarding control of waste and pollution.”

    Rob Ball, acting director of planning and environment with Macedon Ranges Shire Council, said the council actively managed the Gisborne Marshlands and this included regular monitoring and maintenance.

    “It is disappointing to see this occurrence within the marshlands – our teams are organising a prompt investigation and cleanup where required,” Mr Ball said.

    “We will also liaise with the nearby Steam Park land managers for any additional cleanup necessary while we are there.”

    Mr Ball said council’s local laws officers could instruct builders and construction site managers to properly secure building waste to the site.

    Parties found non-compliant may be fined and instructed to remove any waste.

    “We are always grateful for any public reporting of prohibited rubbish or debris and will investigate where necessary,” he said.

    “If you believe waste materials are not being adequately constrained to a property, we encourage you to assist us by reporting the matter to council by calling 5422 0333 or emailing”