Missing dogs feared stolen

Five missing dogs are feared stolen after not being sighted since mid-May in the Macedon Ranges.

Five missing dogs are feared stolen after not being sighted since mid-May in the Macedon Ranges.
The dogs, all desirable breeds, disappeared within two weeks of each other from Lancefield, Clarkefield, Hesket and Benloch.
missing are a black staghound, two dachshunds, a tri-coloured border collie and a pure-bred husky.

Owners have contacted local authorities and made a public appeal for help in returning the dogs safely home.
Efforts have included social media posts, posters and letterbox drops in the Newham, Romsey and Lancefield areas. Rewards have also been posted for credible information about the lost dogs.

Missing black staghound owner Prue Mathieson believed her dog had escaped from the yard but it had not been sighted since.
She connected with the other dog owners when she noticed their appeals for help on social media.
“We’re not certain that the dogs have been stolen but we find it curious that three of the five dogs are located close to each other and all are intact males,” Ms Mathieson told the Express.
“All five dogs haven’t had a single sighting. All the dogs are microchipped and we believe have ID tags.”

Macedon Ranges Council’s director of environment and planning Angela Hughes said the council had listed the dogs in the lost register.
“When owners suspect their pets have been stolen, we encourage them to make a report with the police and also their microchip registry,” she said.
“Council receives reports about lost and missing pets in the Macedon Ranges daily. The vast majority of those are returned to their owner.
“The best chance of being reunited with a lost pet is by ensuring your pet is currently registered and wearing its registration tag, ensuring your pet’s microchip details are always kept up to date, and placing an ID tag with contact details on your pet’s collar.”

Neighbouring Mitchell Shire Council has also been alerted.
Those with any information on the missing dogs are encouraged to contact owners: Prue Mathieson: black staghound, Lancefield, 0407 245 230; Liz Richard: two dachshunds, Clarkefield, 0431 822 554; Kim Scholtz: border collie, Hesket, 0457 919 999; Michelle Balthazar: husky, Benloch, 0425 782 550.