Last call for radio stories

3CCC's outside broadcast unit.

A book recording the events and people involved in community radio in central Victoria is in the making.

Radio veterans Ian Braybrook and Marilyn Bennet are gathering material input from as many people as possible for inclusion in the story.

“It is not so much a history of the sector as it is about the people who made it happen and continue it today,” Marilyn said.

The book is scheduled for release on April 25, 2022 – Anzac Day, the 40th anniversary of the first official broadcast in central Victoria by 3CCC at Harcourt in 1982.

“Over the almost 40 years since it began at Harcourt, many hundreds of people have been involved one way or another,” Marilyn said.

“That’s a heck of a lot of stories.

“We want to include as many names and people as possible, no matter how brief their appearance.”

Today there are four community broadcasters in the region: Freshfm, KLFM, Phoenix and Mainfm (formerly WMAfm).

“Each of these would have maybe 50 people actively involved. That’s a lot of stories to begin with,” Marilyn said.

“We don’t want lengthy accounts but simple short pieces about individuals’ experience and their feeling about community radio.

“As a lot of work has to be done before the launch; we need people to respond right away and not put it aside.

“We urge them to be part of what will be a lasting account and historical record of community radio in central Victoria.”

Anyone able to assist is asked to email:, contact via Facebook:  Community Radio in Central Victoria, or phone 0409 333 513 or 0457 676 327.