Petition on green waste

Local resident Kate Kendall has created a petition to call on council to reevaluate its decision.

Macedon Ranges Shire Council will begin charging residents to drop off green waste and co-mingled recycling at its resource recovery facilities from July 1.

Local resident Kate Kendall manages a 20+ acre farm and as an affected ratepayer has created a petition to call on council to reevaluate its decision.

“This change will negatively impact residents and local businesses,” Kate said.

“We’re in a cost-of-living crisis and the council needs to put safety first in our high bushfire-risk region above revenue generation.

“Charging for green waste will lead people to conduct more burn-offs. The council prides itself on its green credentials, however, burning off leads to pollution in the atmosphere.

“Residents on less than 2000-square-metre properties already can’t burn off and the window for safely burning off is tight.

“Not everything can fit in our FOGO bin and residents are concerned it will create more work for the CFA. Residents might not prepare if they can’t afford to financially.

“While the change comes into effect on July 1, 2024, some residents have already been charged when dropping off green waste.

“There appears to be a lack of clear communication from the council. I called the council to discuss and there was some vague rationale about a lack of funding from the state government.

“We need to remember that we are a large rural shire with lots of vegetation to manage – and thus, should make unique local decisions when it comes to managing the budget.”

Kate said the petition was close to 200 signatures a few days after going live.

“This is a great opportunity to voice your concerns to the council and encourage them to include basic services in our rates,” she said.

To sign the petition, visit