These riders dispel the myth

Sylvia rides a Harley Street 500 and Mark rides a Harley 1200 Custom Sportster.
Sylvia rides a Harley Street 500 and Mark rides a Harley 1200 Custom Sportster.

Macedon Ranges ULYSSES Club is working to dispel the long-held myth that ‘bikers mean trouble’.
Beyond the intimidating Harley handles, leather jackets and ‘tough guy’ exteriors at the over 40s club are largely retirees just looking for an excuse to hit the road and share a love for riding with others.
“Bikes are on the rise on our roads and it’s mostly our age (over 40s) that’s responsible,” club secretary Mark Behan said.
“Forty-year-olds are young, let’s be honest, but many of our members are retired. We have people still riding into their 70s and 80s. Bikes are economical and fun…without even realising, riding becomes a lifestyle.”
The Macedon Ranges ULYSSES branch alone has more than 140 members and Mark and his partner Sylvia are just one of the husband-wife duos that regularly hit the road.
“A lot of people hear ‘Harley’ and they think of big handlebars and tough bikies – we’re nothing like that,” Sylvia said.
The leathers and bikie gear is mostly for personal protection.
“We’ve had 40 years each of driving experience and we know the road rules, we don’t disobey them, we don’t drink and drive, and we’re a lot safer than some people we see on the roads.”
The club is inclusive of women and families and is always seeking new members.
You can expect to see the Macedon Ranges club in Trentham for their Christmas in July celebrations. From here they will begin planning for other social rides including the big ULYSSES toy run for the Salvation Army in December.