Constant interruption to ADSL internet

Congestion on the Mount Macedon mobile tower that services Ashbourne and Woodend has caused constant drop-outs to residents' ADSL internet service.

Residents of Ashbourne and Woodend are struggling to work and study from home during lockdown with constant interruption to their old technology ADSL internet service.
Congestion on the Mount Macedon mobile tower that services the district has impacted mobile data use, especially in the outlying area to the east and south-east of Woodend.
Some residents have also been unable to access the VicEmergency app in one of the highest bushfire risk locations in the Macedon Ranges.
One local to the area, a second-year university student, told the Express he could only do his online studies very late at night when he could successfully hot spot using 4G technology.
Telstra’s acting regional manager Marcus Swinburne said Telstra was aware of the issue and had replaced some hardware at its Mount Macedon mobile site last month to reduce the number of drop-outs.
“We’re also looking at some longer term network solutions that would ease some localised congestion that customers might be experiencing when using mobile data,” Mr Swinburne said.
NBN Co is launching a new fixed wireless tower at Yalonga Road Woodend in mid to late May, however the area is heavily treed and residents believe they may need a line of sight from their homes to the tower to be able to switch to that service.
An NBN Co spokesperson said the site had been selected as the best possible location in order to provided NBN fixed wireless services to about 280 residents.
“While residents may not be able to see the tower from their premises, it doesn’t mean they will not be able to connect,” the spokesperson said.
“Once an order has been placed, an NBN installer will attend the premises and test for a fixed wireless signal.
“Once the signal is acquired, the installer may put the outdoor antenna on the roof of the main premises, under the eaves or on a wall.”
The spokesperson said that in a small number of cases, if they were unable to find a suitable signal at the main premises, they would check whether one could be reached at another appropriate location on the property.
“It is also possible to set up a ground-mounted pole to achieve a suitable signal,” she said.