Sounds of the commute

Newstead electronic producer, vocalist, musician and sound artist Aimee Chapman is kicking off the 'At Home' residency program.

A community driven sound project is documenting and celebrating the sounds of the commute from Melbourne to Castlemaine and surrounds.
Newstead electronic producer, vocalist, musician and sound artist Aimee Chapman is using the project to kick-off the 2021 Phee Broadway Theatre ‘At Home’ creative residency program.
Her work, Coming Home, is inspired by the music of train and road trips and will be brought to life in multiple ways.
Ms Chapman said the project was conceived during her frequent trips travelling from Newstead to Melbourne, both driving and on public transport.
“This ritual of coming home – back to Castlemaine and the surrounding areas – for goldfields residents who work, play or visit Melbourne, is such a shared experience,” Ms Chapman said.
“As a result of COVID-19, these regular commutes became a distant memory for most of us last year due to work from home orders.
“In recent months as restrictions eased and we started to open up the corridor between Melbourne and Castlemaine again, actively listening and documenting those once-familiar sounds brought a renewed warmth and meaning to the concept of coming home,” she said.
Community members are encouraged to contribute sounds to Coming Home through the process of recording audio that represents the concept of coming home to Castlemaine and its surrounds. Participants can upload recorded audio to the Coming Home website,
Audio contributions are being collected to create a gallery of downloadable sounds, and used as part of the Coming Home live performance.
The final element in the Coming Home work is a live musical performance of new music for piano, cello and electronics that brings the sounds of the commute from the goldfields to Melbourne and back, to life.
Featuring pianist Josh Cohen who has garnered millions of YouTube views, Sydney-based cellist Emily Williams, and Aimee Chapman, along with fellow electronic composer and Newstead sound producer Anthony Lyon, the evening promises to be an immersive and mesmerising musical experience.
“I really do love projects that bring people together from all walks of life,” Ms Chapman said.
“I hope that in celebrating the sounds of coming home to our little patch, it will unite us in a beautiful way.”
To book your ticket for the February 27 event visit or for more details on the Phee Broadway Theatre At Home program visit