Floyd fans in for a treat

Concept act Echoes of Pink Floyd is bringing their A Journey Through Time tour to Kyneton on May 27 at the Town Hall.

We don’t need no education
We don’t need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teacher, leave them kids alone …

If you couldn’t afford the tickets to a real live Pink Floyd gig in your youth, it’s time to make up for that. Grab your glasses and have a look at what’s to come …

To be precise, it’s the concept act Echoes of Pink Floyd in their A Journey Through Time tour in Kyneton on May 27 at the Town Hall.

The Adelaide-based band’s latest show will take audiences on a musical and visual journey from Pink Floyd’s earliest days as darlings of 1960’s London’s psychedelic underground, all the way to their 1990’s powerhouse performances as the undisputed masters of stadium rock.

The Kyneton audience will be treated to an extensive exploration of the band’s impressive catalogue as the gang from Echoes of Pink Floyd play all of Pink Floyd’s biggest smash hits, as well as some lovingly hand-picked deep album cuts designed to please the most committed of hard-core fans.

The show will tour extensively throughout Australia’s capital cities and regional centres and will engage the community in each town with young local performers to provide the memorable Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 choir.

So keep your glasses on and book those tickets before you forget and wish you had. Go to mrsc.vic.gov.au/arts-events | 1300 888 802.

And tell your kids, they’ll want to go to!