View the world differently

Cate Mercer, editor/publisher of The Art of Healing. Photo/stylist/jewellery: Fiona Orr

The news: We read it, we watch it, we listen to it, we scroll our devices looking for it.

But how aware are you of the choices you are making and how they are affecting your health – and your life?

Cate Mercer, editor/publisher of The Art of Healing, is celebrating 20 years of producing her magazine and says there has never been a more important time to raise awareness around our health and news choices.

“We are so bombarded with news, information and notifications these days. We all know this. But what are we doing about it?” Cate asks.

Doomscrolling is an example of how looking for news has been taken to the extreme.

Described as the activity of endlessly scrolling and consuming (mostly negative news), it has been found that during times of uncertainty we feel more compelled to watch the news – but this can affect mental wellbeing.

The World Health Organization says the COVID-19 pandemic triggered a 25 per cent increase in the prevalence of anxiety and depression worldwide.

“So what I aim to do with The Art of Healing magazine, is give my readers lots of different ways they can view the world, from a hopefully more positive perspective,” Cate says.

“I try to do this using both text and imagery in the magazine, through specific books I select from publisher release lists, from presenters I approach from a lot of different events I attend.”

Creating The Art of Healing in the garage of her Byron Bay home in October 2002, Cate says she is grateful to be able to continue to produce the magazine.

She will be giving a talk about the media and what it takes to produce a magazine in today’s climate at the Coolroom @ The Northern Arts Hotel on Monday, November 21 from 7.30pm.

Tickets $15 available from Eventbrite:

The evening will include a magazine giveaway for each attendee. Magazines and books will also be available for purchase.