Inspiration in an ice cream van

Patti Fawcett. Photo: Kris Wardhana

One of Castlemaine rising talents, Patti Fawcett, is about to star in Pilot, a comedy by young people, for young people, coming to the 2024 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Patti began a career in comedy at the age of just 14 and in 2019 became Class Clowns National Grand Final winner, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s student competition and recently performed in a split-show at the Bendigo Comedy Festival.

“When I first started comedy I saw a show at Comedy Republic and decided my goal was to perform there before I turned 20. And I just managed to do it a month before my birthday.”

But despite the successes, Patti encounters challenges shared by a lot of young comics.

“Having large chunks of time where I can’t do comedy because I decided to focus on uni, is mentally the most challenging thing to do personally,” Patti said.

But while that is a downside, an upside, strangely enough, comes through part-time work selling ice cream.

“I have been spending a lot of time sitting in an ice cream van, which can get quiet. And so a lot of my set has been written and practised in the van. It’s a good place to come up with ideas because I am kind of trapped in my own little comedy homework bubble world that I can’t really leave. It’s become the only real way to get me to do anything that has a deadline attached to it,” Patti said.

Pilot is a double bill running at DoubleTree by Hilton March 27-April 1. A ticket gets you into two of five hilarious half hours that have never been seen before.

Tickets available via Eventbrite.