Change has begun

Karen O’Sullivan, president, Kyneton Football Netball Club

Some weeks it’s not about what happens on the football oval or netball courts that defines a sporting club.
This week a short video was posted on the Kyneton Football Netball Club’s Face Book and Instagram pages, and it went viral.
It was a simple video featuring the senior football coach Luke Beattie and five senior players with an important message opposing violence against women.
The social media post was a response to the outcry across Victoria following the rape and murder of Eurydice Dixon on a Carlton sports field.
Kyneton Football Netball Club is a large sporting organisation that accommodates men, women, girls and boys in their chosen sports of football and netball.
KFNC endeavours to offer a safe environment for its members, supporters and volunteers.
The club is the first in the region to participate in The Rural Challenge Project and has developed its own Gender Equality Action Plan.
We have a lot more work to do, but change has begun and it is a week to be proud of the men who champion equality for all involved with the Kyneton Football Netball Club.