Climate change done and dusted?

Brian Clarke, Castlemaine

I write to thank Gloria Meltzer, Vaughan Greenberg and Hans Paas for their answers to the questions raised by Patrick Hockey in his letter( ‘Eerie silence’, Opinions, July 17), where he clearly shows that he is not a heretic, as I am, but a true believer in the new science of belief embraced by every learned man and woman in Castlemaine.
The letters of these three true believers demonstrate why heretics who do not embrace the new religion are afraid to speak out: they do not want to be called “thinly veiled denialists”, “conservative”, “delusional” or “corrupt”. Moreover they do not want to lose their reputations, their friends or their jobs. I would be obliged if these three very learned people, who have obviously read very widely about the many scientific disciplines that beat on climate, including the four books by the “much discredited” Emeritus Professor of Geology at Melbourne University about climate, could tell me, as Hans Paas says, who has “done and dusted” the question of anthropogenic change in climate, when this great work was done and where a copy of this wonderful work may be found. I have spent years looking for this document without success. I was for many years a true believer until I began reading what scientists of the world were saying.