Internet speed, or lack of it

Graham Denton, Newstead

We have been Newstead residents for about two and a half years and when we first arrived our NBN wireless internet connection was great.
We have what is supposed to be a 50 Mbps service that at non-peak times runs at about half that rate but is adequate for our needs.
The connection has now become very slow at peak evening times and has been getting as slow as 3 Mbps between about 9pm and 11pm.
NBN acknowledge the slow peak-time internet speeds we are experiencing are caused by congestion on their Newstead wireless tower and have advised that they plan to upgrade the tower in the first quarter of 2019.
An ABC news report on April 25 identified 18 NBN wireless towers that were providing peak-time speeds of less than 3 Mbps and perhaps our Newstead Tower should be added to the list.
To date I have complained to our ISP (Aussie Broadband), NBNCo, the Telecommunications Ombudsman and Lisa Chesters. The only positive response has come from Lisa Chesters who suggests that there is the possibility that works on upgrading the tower may be given increased priority if complaints about service increase.
If you have NBN wireless internet service from the Newstead tower and it has become slow at peak times, email the details to and I will do my best to organise a compelling complaint that will hopefully get NBN to bring forward the upgrade of their Newstead tower.