Did you sense it too?

Patrick Hockey, Castlemaine

Did you sense it too? Something palpably changed in the public consciousness following the record breaking heat wave experienced during January.
Suddenly everyone tasted a sense of the potential for climate change to wreak havoc with everyone’s life and health.
There was a sombreness to discussions about the heat that wasn’t the usual banter about the summer.
People who aren’t usually forthcoming spoke to me about being frightened by the exceptionally hot night in late January.
Coupled with a dawning realisation that just how hot it can get is an open question, there was a stark awareness that the politicians who have been so reluctant to act have absolutely no interest in protecting us from the looming catastrophe.
As we saw during the Millennium Drought, when neighbour called out neighbour for wasting water, now indulging in frivolous use of energy will be frowned upon by all.