Wasted rates

Tony Bell, Castlemaine

Re. ‘Budget blowout’ (Midland Express, April 23). Well why doesn’t this surprise me! (130K overrun).
In 12 months this play space has blown out by this much ($326,000 to $456,000).
Noting that Cr Petrusma’s statement that labour and materials have gone up significantly is an absolute con. None of the above go up at that rate and if they have, council has been conned and once again not done its due diligence.
As usual, this council is blowing ratepayers’ money.
Look at recent history: Castlemaine Landfill $1.9K blows out to $3.4K. Life expectancy minimum four to six years; fail.
Purchase of the Wheel and Loom building in Maldon, which when purchased was going to cost a mere $175K to make it fit for purpose. It is still not used as a full-time facility. Cost to date approx. $900K; fail.
Ratepayers this is just a fraction of the waste that I have seen. People; start speaking up about the waste of your rates as there are many issues that are more important like roads, drainage, footpath upgrades, etc.