Blatant ageism

Paul Allen, Barkers Creek

It is with dismay I feel the need to write a rebuttal to the blatant ageism of this week’s letters concerning the proposed new playground in Victory Park. I fully appreciate the concerns for the fiscal management of the project, however these letters seem to begrudge any development of a playground in the centre of town at all.
Maybe these men are simply blind to the rising number of young families that grace our town. Maybe these men have simply forgotten what it’s like for a parent, who needs to do their shopping, etc. to induce a young child with the promise of some play time at the park. Maybe these men have simply forgotten their own childhoods and the joy a playground once brought them. Or maybe these men are simply aged curmudgeons who believe “children should be seen and not heard”, let alone have any public space or expenditure set aside for them.
Quite frankly I am sick and tired of this selfish generation of adults who only ever seem to think about themselves and their needs and their concerns. If you want “quiet reflection” simply turn off your hearing aid. If you want “tranquillity and birdsong” simply make your own damn way to the botanical gardens. As for “priorities” what other priority is there other than our children and their wellbeing? It’s quite simple really.