Midland Express SuperQuiz, October 17, 2023

Local knowledge 

(1 point)

1. Where is The Wiz currently showing in Macedon Ranges?

2. What special anniversary did Chewton Primary School celebration this month?

3. What is the name of the smithfield collie featured in last week’s Express for assisting with newspaper deliveries?

4. At which local venue will author Trent Dalton be ‘in conversation with Astrid Edwards’ this month?

(3 points)

5. Which Macedon Ranges councillor resigned from their position this month?

General knowledge 

(1 point)

6. Following Daniel Andrews’ resignation, who is Victoria’s new premier?

7. How many countries share a border with Belgium?

8. Who penned the book Boy Swallows Universe?

9. From which country did the children’s cartoon character Miffy originate?

(3 points)

10. In which decade was the malt drink Milo first sold? (Bonus point: in which country was it developed?)