Changes in bowls – Broadford, Kilmore to switch

Kyneton's 2019-20 division one premiership side comprising 16 players -- expected to go back to 12 next season with just 21 ends straight through.

Broadford and Kilmore clubs are to be included in what is now the existing Central Highlands Bowls Division area — but not until the 2021-20 season.
And there are expected to be changes in CHBD Saturday pennant play this coming season, with 21 ends straight instead of 25 coming in, and division one having 12 players per team, rather than 16.
Long-awaited details of the state-wide Bowls Victoria Boundary Review impacting on Central Highlands and surrounds were revealed at a CHBD board meeting last week.
Board members met and discussed the review proposal to accept Broadford and Kilmore into the Central Victoria Region (comprises the CHBD, Goldfields and Ballarat) for the coming season.
The board was also asked hypothetically whether or not they could see Yea, Alexandra and Eildon being in the district competition, but this was rejected due to the travel times that CHBD clubs would experience when playing ‘away’ matches against these clubs.
With Goulburn Murray Valley Region unable to accommodate these three clubs this season, it means Broadford and Kilmore will not be released until 2021.
Accordingly, division one Saturday pennant will comprise Kyneton, Lancefield, Gisborne, Kyneton Golf, Romsey and Diggers Rest — the latter being promoted after winning division two in 2019-20.
Lancefield, runner-up to Trentham in division three, is to be promoted to fill the place of Diggers Rest.
In a big to expand division one to eight teams, the board discussed that two of either Macedon, Trentham or Woodend move to division one for one year only, but this was rejected.
The board has also recommended strongly that the top three divisions will all comprise three rinks of four players, in line with some other competitions in Victoria, as well as complying with State Pennant Championships where 12 bowlers only are eligible to play.
For this season, Saturday pennant will be 21 ends straight through, though a 10-minute break can be taken at an appropriate time if team managers agree.
These proposals are designed to support COVID-19 restrictions placed on bowls going forward.
The board cannot stress enough the need for clubs to embrace thse proposals to ensure the future of the division.
The changes outlined are also aimed at providing a smooth transition for Broadford and Kilmore into the comp. in 2021.
Broadford won the Central Bowls Division grand final in the season just completed, coming from fourth place on the ladder, and Kilmore recently held a well attended centenary celebration.
Speculation about enticing these two clubs into Central Highlands has gone on for years. Wallan may have to choose between going to metro, or being in the same competition as Broadford and Kilmore, for 2021-22.
A general meeting of all clubs with one delegate per club only will take place at Gisborne next Monday, and the division annual general meeting is set for Monday, July 11.
Ian Guymer, RVBA board member and CHBD secretary, will expand on the boundary and review report at Monday’s meeting.
Set up in 2019 by the Bowls Victoria Board, the sub-committee comprised Ian Guymer, Pat Schram, and current BV president Barb Gilbert.
It is 10 years since there have been significant boundary changes, and the crux of the issue for Bowls Victoria is lessening the burden on volunteers and pooling resources to better service each region’s clubs.
Regions will be able to define playing areas as they wish, providing more flexibility for all involved.
The key reasons for the formation of the sub-committee were:
– To cater for a declining number of bowlers willing to administer the sport;
– To remove one level of governance;
– To streamline administration; and
– To implement a governance model to future proof the sport of bowls.