Pressure mounts as finals loom

Castlemaine United A Grade batsman David George moves to protect his wicket on the way to 30 runs against Maiden Gully Lions at Camp Reserve last Saturday. Photo: Max Lesser

Castlemaine District Cricket Association A Grade and A Reserve sides contested day one of the Round 12 two-day fixture last Saturday in the last round before the finals get under way.

B Grade played one-day matches in Round 13, C Grade (Under 16) battled out day one of their final Round 9 matches and the Women’s sides contested their final home and away Round 8 matches.

The final of the T20 series was also played on Thursday evening with Newstead defeating Maiden Gully Lions in front of their home crowd to claim the title.

Highlights of the round were North Castlemaine A Grade batsman Jamie Allan’s 86 against Castlemaine United, Castlemaine United A Grade batsman Levi Chaffey’s 74 not out against Maiden Gully Lions and Newstead A Grade bowler Samuel Winnard’s 5-21 against Muckleford.

The Women were also impressive with the ball with Castlemaine United Blue’s Evie Nuttall taking 4-9 and Newstead’s Eve Righetti 3-2.

Muckleford C Grade (Under 16) young gun Francis Walls also claimed 4-4 against a strong Carisbrook lineup.

Results were:

A Grade

On day one Castlemaine United made 9-191 (Levi Chaffey 74 not out, David George 30, Darin Rush 23, Darcy Carroll 20; Anthony Blake 4-46, Drew Warren 2-18) against opponents Maiden Gully Lions.

Barkers Creek notched up 9-252 (Darby Semmens 67, Bailey Henderson 33, Mark Noonan 33, Nash Robinson 24; Iran Indika 4-52, DS Wijemanna 2-63) against Guildford.

Muckleford (Dakota Slingo 31, Joseph Gingell 21, Marty Sharples 19; Samuel Winnard 5-21, Kayne Amiet 3-21, Faolan Gardner 2-26) were dismissed for just 10-99 and Newstead were 2-57 (Henry Phoenix 30 not out, Bradley Richardson 16 not out; John Watson 2-16) at stumps.

A Reserve

Barkers Creek were dismissed for 10-45 and Newstead were 9-164 at close. No results were available at the time of going to press.
North Castlemaine made 6-224 (Jamie Allan 86, Andrew Ferres 53 not out, Gavin James 32; Mark McKimmie 3-27) on day one against Castlemaine United.

Muckleford were 10-170 (Private Player 78, Lachlan Green 31; Marc Brownless 2-14, Berin Marchesani 2-21, Zac Justice 2-25, Robert Douglas 2-40) at stumps against Maiden Gully Lions.

Guildford made 10-114 and Taradale were 3-39 at the close of play. No results were available at the time of going to press.
Harcourt had the bye.

North Castlemaine A Reserve batsman Rob Chapman fends off a dangerous ball at Wesley Hill. Photo: Max Lesser

B Grade

Harcourt 9-162 (Owen Bloomfield 40, Billy Jury 40, Jordan McLean 25, Koby Simmons 20 not out, Jack Archer 14; Aaron Comte 4-31, Gerald Chapman 2-27) lost to Newstead 8-170 (Ciaran Gardner 46 not out, Gerald Chapman 44, Lachlan Park 18, Hilton Hazeltine 16, Aaron Comte 14; Christopher Cassidy 2-27, Zac Nicholson 2-35, Billy Jury 2-37)Campbells Creek Colts 4-165 (James Collie 43, Graeme Beith 36, Leigh Walker 29 not out, Matthew Stahl 19, Tayler Walsh 16, Brad Burgess 12 not out; Charles Baker 2-51) defeated Castlemaine United Blue 8-168 (Leon McShanag 60, Bohdi Perry 50, Adam Smolak 10; Tayler Walsh 4-16, Leigh Walker 2-40).

Hepburn 6-248 (Lindsay Olver 66, Kallum Hartmann 57 not out, Mitchell Yanner 33, Corey Shiell 31; Rhys Tingay 2-44, Jack McLeod 2-52) defeated Muckleford 8-163 (Alex Cotterell 67, Ian Bracken 21, Jack McLeod 14, Ed McEachran 13 not out; Patrick Jones 2-17, Des Leunig 2-17, Sam Quinn 2-36).
Guildford forfeited to Taradale.

Castlemaine United Gold and Heathcote had the bye.


Castlemaine United Gold 83 (Samantha Brasher retired 25 not out, Emma Smolak retired 10 not out; Evie Nuttall 4-9, Ann Moore 2-22) lost to Castlemaine United Blue 95 (Jesse Curran retired 12 not out).

Newstead 115 (Dawn McNabb retired 15 not out, Eve Righetti 13 not out; Tara Ford 2-9) defeated Hepburn 60 (Carol Black retired 11 not out; Eve Righetti 3-2, Beppina Marshall 2-6, Brianna Jury 2-8).

Barkers Creek 80 (Cassidy McLean retired 13 not out; Ellenor Landy 2-3) lost to Guildford 84.

Harcourt forfeited to Campbells Creek Colts.

The top four Women’s sides will now prepare for the semi finals to commence on Friday March 8.

C Grade (Under 16)

Carisbrook made 8-170 (Elliot Cullinan retired 50 not out, Angus Morrison 31 not out, Mitch Stork 31 not out, Cooper Polinelli 25; Francis Walls 4-4) on day one of play against Muckleford.

Colts Phelans 5-158 (Brett Coon retired 50 not out, Charlie Erickson 34, Hunter Kurzke 15, Benji Featherston 14, Tate Williams 13; Thomas Gordon 2-11, Alfred Chaffey 2-15) against Castlemaine United Blue.

Maryborough notched up a strong 5-211 versus Castlemaine United Gold – no results available.

Barkers Creek/Campbells Creek made a quick-fire 10-96 ((Zachary Thompson 28; Sam McLean 4-17, Fletcher McAinch 2-7) against Harcourt.

Newstead were 10-89 (William Garsed 15, Fianna Gardner 13, Travis Allen 10; Alex Welch 3-8, Benjamin Cue 2-5, James Anderson 2-15) at stumps against North Castlemaine/Guildford.

T20 Final

Newstead 4-188 (Ben Walter 77, Kris Walter 50, Sam Johnston 41) triumphed over Maiden Gully Lions 10-119 (Brayden Stepien 23, Brett Haw 23, Joel Logan 14, Tim Bubb 10; Louis Chapman 3-20, Samuel Winnard 3-26) in the T20 Grand Final showdown at Newstead Recreation Reserve last Thursday night, February 22. The Steaders claiming the 2023-2024 T20 title in front of their home crowd.