Golf pennant winners

Long trip successful: Woodend’s successful handicap division 3 pennant side is pictured at Strathbogie after their 3/2 victory against Broadford. From left – Ben Thompson, Will McLean, Wayne Sliwinski, Jake and Georgie Taylor.

Woodend won two pennants and Lancefield one when the Dalhousie District pennant finals were played at Strathbogie on Sunday.

In the last two seasons Woodend has captured the Division 1 scratch title, but this year missed out on the final on a countback.

However, Woodend had two teams in handicap finals on Sunday, and they delivered the goods.

The Division 1 scratch champion this season is Alexandra, with a 3.5/1.5 victory over Euroa.

Lancefield took out the Division 2 scratch title with a 3.5/1.5 victory over neighbours Romsey.

Individual scores: Trevor Lambert d Mick Squire 3/2, Hugh Parks d Dylan Harris 2/1, Todd Lambert square with Mitch Atlas, Denis Davenport d Mal Mottram 6/5, Jamie Byron lost to Luke Lyons 4/3.

Woodend achieved its first title on Sunday with a 4/1 victory in the restricted division 2 final against Kilmore.

Individual scores: Glenn Wright square with A. Gardner, Guy Moxley d D. Trimble 5/4, Sam Barker d John O’Neill 7/5, Chris Holliday (captain) square with M. Murray, Myles Moxley d J. Ionnidis 5/4.

The restricted handicap division 1 final went to Alexandra 3.5/1.5 against Euro.

Woodend’s second pennant victory in the Handicap division 3 final with a 3/2 victory against Broadford.

Ben Thompson (captain), Will McLean, Wayne Sliwinski, Jake and Georgie Taylor wereteam members, with Matt Kivimeets and Adam Chew back-ups.

In the Handicap division 1 final, Avenel defeated Kilmore 3/2, Eildon defeated Yea 3/2 in division 2, and Seymour beat Kilmore 4/1 in division 3.