Rangers fight hard

Bec Cole, Kyneton Rangers Women's Div 1 captain, winds up to send the ball to the forward line at the weekend's clash. Photo: Ava Coleman

Kyneton Rangers women’s soccer teams both played at their home ground on the new Barkly Square grounds last weekend. It was a double header with Rangers taking on Strathfieldsaye Colts. Both were good hard games with mighty football spirit to match the A-League grand final taking place at the same time at AAMI Park.

The women’s Div 1 team hit the pitch knowing they were up for a fight against the reigning table leaders in Colts. With star keeper Isha Kuyateh out with an injury, the gloves were taken on by premiere goalie, Shannon O’hara, who did a stellar job protecting the goals with all the balls being fired at her throughout the 90 minutes.

The backline, in Bec Cole, Maddy Hacche and Ava Coleman, was kept well busy in the game and they gave it their all while the Colts’ forwards kept torpedoing up the pitch.

As night fell and the lights came on, captain Bec Cole’s massive releases to clear the backline weren’t enough to keep them at bay, but the midfield in Simone Hooppell, Lorelei Cook, Miranda Minson, and Zara Hooppell fought strongly to secured the ball to send to Kyneton’s waiting forwards, Sian Hooppell, Bronte Randle, and Emma Tricarico.

On this occasion the Rangers didn’t manage to find the back of the net, but put in 110 per cent across the entire match. At the fall of the nets, Colts took home the glory 9-0 as they maintain their position at the top of the ladder.

The women’s Div 2 team had an equally competitive game as they entered the pitch to play Strathfieldsaye Colts. With the team still trying to knuckle down a keeper, this week Lucy Campbell put on the number 1 strip for the game, sending kick outs from goal hurtling down the ground each time she saved an incoming ball from the opposition.

Remy Mctaggart, Lucy Hebborn and new up-and-comer Sunday Jones held steadfast in the Rangers backline doing their best to keep up with the speed of Colts’ forwards.

Through the midfield Shannon O’hara (1 goal), Molly Wilding (1 goal), Lenka Thompson, Beth Houghton and Amber Doolan fought hard to maintain the ball up the field to the welcoming forwards Sian Hooppell (4 goals), Evie Dowling and Samara Gelbart who were on the ball all the way.

Two yellow cards were issued to new player Lenka Thompson and Lucy ‘OG’ Campbell. After 90 mins, Colts came away with the victory over Rangers 8-6.