Championship medals for Kade

Kade Ryan with coach Professor Marcos.

New sports continue to emerge in the Macedon Ranges and a Kyneton competitor has fared well at both the World and European Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championships in recent months.

Kade Ryan, 20, represented Maroccolo Academy Kyneton and Australia in Paris and Los Angeles and was thrilled to secure several medals.

BJJ dates back to 1925, and is a self-defence martial art and conflict sport based on grappling, ground fighting and submission holds.

The focus is taking an opponent down to the ground, gaining a dominant position, and using several techniques like joint locks, choke holds and compression locks.

At the European Championships in Paris in January, Kade competed in the medium-heavy weight division and won three fights, only losing in the semi-final to the eventual winner Mateus Cardoso.

Having placed third in the medium-heavy division, Kade was then eligible to compete in the open weight division. He again won his first three fights, qualifying for the final – a rematch against Cardoso.

In this contest Kade showed his ability to adapt and learn from his mistakes, fostering a much closer, more competitive fight.

The fight didn’t go Kade’s way, losing by five points to two advantages, but he demonstrated he could compete at a world class level against competitors who had many more years’ experience than him.

World Championship

In May, Kade and teammate Thomas Van Orsouw travelled to represent their team and country in the World Championships in Los Angeles, California.

Kade competed in the adult blue belt medium-heavy weight and open weight divisions, placing third in both divisions and receiving double bronze medals.

In addition to his double bronze medals, Kade received his purple belt from Professor Marcos on the podium.

Kade thanked his sponsor Romsey Compounding Pharmacy for their generosity in helping him to realise his dream of competing in the world championship.

Kade and Tom are grateful to their coaches, Professor Marcos and Coach Kobi, as well as their teammates who supported them on and off the mats to prepare them for competition.

While Maroccolo is just a small gym, it is punching above its weight when it comes to competition.