Tag: AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award

Grace crowned state winner

The Sisterhood Project co-founder Grace Larson has won the Victorian AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award.

Kyneton nurse named a finalist

Paediatric nurse Grace Larson has been named a finalist for the 2024 Agrifutures Rural Women’s Award for the second time.

Food forest takes root

Kerryn Wildenburg has planted the seed for a permaculture 'Food Forest' in Kyneton. She is donating four acres of her own land to provide vulnerable...

Kyneton beekeeper runner-up in AgriFutures award

Claire Moore's work to breed genetically diverse queen bees has seen her named national runner-up in the AgriFutures Rural Women's Award. The Kyneton beekeeper was...
Kyneton's Claire Moore has won the AgriFutures Rural Women's Award.

Queen bee takes title

Claire Moore has won the prestigious Victorian AgriFutures Rural Women's Award, with a plan to boost bee population and genetic diversity through artificial insemination. Minister...