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Castlemaine health professionals and concerned parents Dr Marg Peck and Susie Burke and cyclist Rob Scott are calling for a bit more respect and tolerance on our roads.

Respect our cyclists: road aggro alarm

Castlemaine health professionals, parents and cyclists are calling for more care and respect on our roads following recent incidents of motorist aggression towards local...
Residents of Ranters Gully Road at Muckleford say the current speed limit on their road is an accident waiting to happen.

Slow down – Residents call for speed reduction

The speed limit on Ranters Gully Road at Muckleford is dangerous and needs to be lowered to avoid an accident, concerned residents of the...


World-class grown up rock

Joeys Coop are currently touring the east coast states to promote their recently release sophomore album Lachlan Valley Dirt. Friday...

Skate park priority