Help for new parents

Elloise the Doula invites new parents to join the free online sessions.

Castlemaine-based doula Elloise Moffatt has launched a free online parent group aimed to support first-time and new parents across the region.
Elloise specialises in supporting parents with postpartum care and grappling with the challenges of feeding and caring for their newborn.
The doula said the first few weeks could be enough of a challenge for new parents without pandemic pressures.
“I was concerned that many new parents may be feeling isolated and looking for support,” Elloise said.
“They can’t have their family and friends around to help and give them a break, many are relying solely on their partner and this can also be overwhelming for their spouse.
“I started the free weekly Zoom catch up with the aim of helping new parents, who might be feeling a little isolated at this time, connect with others in a similar location and situation.”
Elloise decided to offer an online forum for first-time parents initially, but she has also been approached by quite a few new parents in the Mount Alexander and Macedon Ranges regions who would like to be involved.
“I’ve compiled a range of topics and themes to talk about so there is some structure to the sessions, but there will also be the opportunity to connect with other new parents and share experiences, advice and support,” she said.
Elloise will also be able to provide struggling parents with links, tools and websites where they can learn more about any issues they are battling.
The first session was held on Sunday.
Elloise has also started a new Facebook page – Central Vic Online New Parent Group – to enable local new parents to connect.
The doula and mum-of-one moved to Castlemaine 12 months ago from Melbourne and loves her new home.
“It’s a wonderful community and everyone has been so welcoming. But I know what it is like for new parents who may not have connections in the area and are feeling isolated.”
To find out more about the new group, join the Facebook page or email Elloise at