A partnership for success

Boomtown Wine director Tim Sproal, CAM general manager Sarina Meuleman and Love Shack Brewing co-founder Conna Mallett are proud to celebrate the first anniversary of their partnership.

Castlemaine Art Museum recently celebrated the first anniversary of its partnership with local businesses Boomtown Wine and Love Shack Brewing Company. 

Both businesses are proud to be major sponsors of CAM supporting the gallery’s exhibition launches and special events. 

CAM general manager Sarina Meuleman said this local sponsorship had enabled the gallery to host free exhibition openings and other events for the community and visitors, which otherwise would not be possible. 

“CAM has been through a period of renewal in recent years, and after the impacts of the pandemic we have been working hard to re-engage the community with the gallery, through new programming streams and public events, encouraging locals and visitors alike to come in and experience the diversity of exhibitions on display,” Sarina said. 

“The valuable support from Boomtown and Love Shack helps to entice new and broader audiences into the space.” 

Boomtown Wine’s Tim Sproal said the gallery was heading into a bright new era and they were excited to get on board and support that. 

“It’s a really awesome space and we are proud to join with other local businesses such as Love Shack and Like Butter who have thrown their support behind this important community asset and the local art scene,” he said. 

Love Shack Brewing’s Conna Mallett said they were always looking at ways to showcase their product to new audiences. 

“Our sponsorship of CAM provides a great opportunity to celebrate and support the local makers in our community,” he said. 

CAM is open from 11am–4pm Thursday-Saturday and 12pm–4pm Sunday. To discover more about the latest exhibitions and upcoming events visit castlemaineartmuseum.org.au