Wombat Forest habitat at risk

Wombat Forestcare is continuing its call for VicForests to cease storm damage salvage works in the Wombat State Forest and for the state government to fast-track the creation of a new Wombat-Lerderderg National Park.

The Compost Conversation

Do you feel the itch to learn how and why to make great compost, or solve your compost problems, or put compost theory into action?

The Compost Conversation – Hot composting

If you want to start hot composting – getting your compost to heat up to at least 55o Celsius for at least three days.

The Compost Conversation – The dirt on compost forks

When it comes to the work of composting; building, turning, moving and distributing, forks are the tool of choice. There are three...

Permaculture experts teaching sustainable design

A 16-week Permaculture Design Course, led by local permaculture experts, Beck Lowe and Ian Lillington, will be running in Castlemaine this February.

A passion to restore the land

As a kid, Fletcher Bakewell dreamed of owning a bit of land he could restore, a canvas on which he could help nature to flourish and bring back the integrity of the land.

‘Leave the place in better condition’

Local waterways are often interwoven into the lives and histories of the families that live beside them.

The Compost Conversation: The compost screw – What a corker

Many of our gardening tools have a history going back centuries, if not millennia. The compost screw (or corkscrew) is a newcomer.

The Compost Conversation: Free carbon – do we want it?

Paper and cardboard are readily available, free ingredients that are easy additions to our compost piles.

Protecting the valley’s biodiversity

Work is under way on a biodiversity audit that aims to find out more about the creatures and plants that call the Harcourt Valley home.

‘Legislate the parks’: Enviro groups call for end to logging

More than 50 regional, state and national environment groups have signed an open letter to Victorian Premier Jacinta Allan, calling for an immediate end to logging in the west of Victoria and the legislation of three promised National Parks.

The Compost Conversation: Composting while taking a break

By Mikaela Beckley  With the coming of spring, the warmer weather and perhaps some respite from weekend sporting commitments,...