Artist fundraises to support Ukraine

Liz Zylinski with her work, 'The World Weeps'.

Liz Zylinski, like the rest of us, was dismayed and disturbed as she watched the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February.

While her friends drove 2000 kilometres to rescue a mutual friend who had managed to escape the chaos, the local artist felt ‘isolated’ in our safety at the bottom of the world, helpless to act.

It made her contemplate how it must feel to have one’s country invaded, to have your world turned upside down by war.

The World Weeps is Zylinski’s response to working through frustration and anger at yet more civilians being attacked for no reason, but also the collective mourning of the loss of stability, control, lives and livelihoods that wars around the world continue to take.

The World Weeps is currently on display at The Old Auction House in Kyneton as part of her current exhibition, Places, which plays with form, shape and colour to encourage the viewer to consider if they can trust what they see.

Zylinski will be donating the profits from the sale of The World Weeps to the International Red Cross to help support all those in war zones.

View the full exhibition at The Old Auction House at 52-56 Mollison Street, Kyneton, until May 23.