Adventure for landscape protection

Gisborne’s Jye Tebble completed his fundraising adventure in October.

Gisborne’s Jye Tebble has hiked the notorious Pacific Crest Trail in the USA in support of Biolinks Alliance’s work to restore and protect largescale landscapes across Central Victoria. 

Jye’s interest in the organisation’s work sparked after attending the Biolinks Alliance’s Rewilding Central Victoria expert panel event in May.

He soon offered to fundraise for the cause as he set off on a hike from May 16 to October 14, along the celebrated trail.

“The Biolinks Alliance are making a significant impact in my local area… and I was so impressed by the quality of work they do,” Jye said.

“I wanted to show people that the effects of the climate change and biodiversity crises are right now and right here in our backyards, but there are people fighting to heal the damage.”

Along the magnificent 4265 kilometre hike, winding from Mexico to Canada through California, Oregon and Washington, Jye shared it was often physically and mentally very taxing. Jye and his fellow group of hikers who he met on the trail from Europe, America and Australia, were also devastated to see many areas the trail passes through had been burnt from wildfires.

“It was painful to witness the subsequent devastation,” Jye said.

“However, as many challenges we and our environment face across the world, I am inspired by the impact others have had and the potential that every one of us can have, be it big or small.

“I previously thought I had to solve the big issues in climate change to feel like I was contributing to the solution, but now I realise that even just talking about it can make a significant difference.”

Jye said the greatest reward of the hike was developing a deeper connection with nature and it was something he now cherished and is grateful for after finishing the hike.

“Walking along the pristine cascading rivers within Yosemite National Park was my favourite part of the trail,” said Jye.

“Watching the fish swim under the glistening waters and following the waterfalls down hill and into alpine meadows were some of the best moments I’ve had in my life. “It was always a much better day when I saw wildlife such as marmots, deer and squirrels running amuck, as well as the one bear and coyote I spotted.”

So far, Jye has raised about $1550 of his $4265 target for Biolinks Alliance. 

Biolinks Alliance’s Executive Director Dr Sophie Bickford said the organisation was grateful for Jye’s support.

“We are inspired by people like Jye who are dedicated to protecting and restoring our natural world, and going the extra mile (indeed hiking 4265 kilometres) in our name,” she said. To support Jye’s fundraising efforts, visit: