Deposit scheme wait

Litter along local roads and in public places is a pet peeve for Castlemaine local Bill Wiglesworth.
He wants to see container deposit legislation introduced in Victoria as soon as possible.
For this reason Mr Wiglesworth is among locals quick to welcome the state government’s plan to introduce a container deposit scheme by 2022-23, enabling community groups or individuals to swap empty cans and bottles for cash.
“But it would be nice if they could implement it sooner,” Mr Wiglesworth said.
He has long campaigned for container deposit legislation to be introduced in Victoria as it already exists in all other Australian states and territories – except Tasmania where it’s also planned to be implemented next year.
“Because in the meantime this keeps happening,” the local anti-litter campaigner says indicating a boxful of recyclable waste that he personally collected in recent days.
“This is from a 15-metre section of the Pyrenees Highway near Chewton – and there was plenty more there as well.”
In recent days the state government publicised its wider investment of $100 million to strengthen Victoria’s waste and recycling industry and help create a circular economy.
As part of this, the state’s Energy, Environment and Climate Change minister Lily D’Ambrosio announced $20 million to support rural and regional councils introduce a new four-bin recycling system separating household waste into rubbish, recycling, glass and green waste.
“We are revolutionising recycling across Victoria. By separating household waste into four categories, we’re making the most of the material and making sure we reduce the amount of rubbish going to landfill,” Ms D’Ambrosio said.
The funding is open to 48 rural and regional councils until March 26 ahead of the new four-bin waste and recycling system expected to have become standard for Victorian households by 2030.
A Mount Alexander Shire spokesperson told the Express the council was working through the grant requirements – “to see if they are applicable to our requirements”.
“We welcome the opportunity to apply for funding through this program, noting that we are looking at developing our Castlemaine Transfer station site,” she said.