Radio 88fm to feature

Award-winning Australian singer/songwriter Donna Fisk is pictured with Radio 88fm's Ian Braybrook and her father Gene Bradley Fisk during the recent podcast recording in which Donna shared some of her new music.

Castlemaine-based seniors radio station Radio 88fm is once again being featured as part of the Victorian Seniors Festival program.

Radio 88fm’s Ian Braybrook said the local station recently recorded the second of its four-part podcast series for the 2021 Victorian Seniors Festival Reimagined.
“Our offering was reportedly really well received by audiences on the airwaves and online in 2020 and we are delighted to have been invited to participate again,” he said.

The theme for this year’s festival is ‘Keep’n on Keep’n on’ and festival organisers are presenting a diverse and rich mix of programming for their online and radio audience from now until October, when they look forward to welcoming back live events kicking off with an opening celebration at Melbourne’s Federation Square.
With new performances added every month in the lead up to the October 3 opener, festival organisers have curated some very special programs for seniors to enjoy.

Mr Braybrook is presenting a four-episode documentary series on Australian music icons across a range of genres for all the ageing rockers out there.
He said that while time consuming – with each episode taking about 20 hours to collate – he was relishing the experience of creating each show, chatting to various artists and searching out a range of music to share with audiences via 30 community radio stations across the state and online.

The first offering has already gone live on the website and takes listeners back to the early days of Australian rock ‘n’ roll music, principally the 1960s. It focuses on the music and experiences of two legends of the rock era, Marcie Jones (later to become Marcie and The Cookies) and the immensely popular band, The Thunderbirds.
“I’ve had chats to local Broderick Smith of The Dingoes, Richard Clapton and more recently talented singer/songwriter Donna Fisk and her father and well-respected radio personality Gene Bradley Fisk,” the radio announcer said.
“I’ve also enjoyed hunting out some rock, country and mainstream music from the 60s and 70s to share with audiences.”

The popular Radio Plays series also encompasses two other wonderful contemporary works, a new production of an Australian classic, and a dialogues and monologues two-episode series presented by U3A Melbourne City.
To check out Radio 88fms podcasts and all the other festival offerings visit