For our grandchildren

Alan Roadknight, Riddells Creek

‘The time has come’ … the Walrus said
What a strange thing for a walrus to say
on a Saturday morning, Riddells Creek, cold, wet and grey.
To all the silver haired vixens
and silver haired foxes
pause and reflect before ticking those ballot boxes.
Yes, you might lose some franking credits
or would you prefer an earth in debit?
And negative gearing, is it time to rethink?
Or will another species have to become extinct!
Could that money be better used
to stop our planet being continually abused!
I can become angry at how it affects me
or I can think beyond to an earth I want my granddaughters to see!

To the fossil fuel magnates we cannot be mean
even if ecological balance we contravene
Dig that Adani coal
and send it over the sea
then we can say
it’s not a problem to me!
Temperatures rising and ice caps are melting
Not to worry, let’s just keep on smelting.
Economics, growth to the God consumption
it’s all about that
Vote out the procrastinators and those who think climate change is still crap!

The time has come the walrus said
to think about our grandchildren instead.
Will they swim in clean ocean waves and walk through verdant forests of green
or will that just be a memory of a long ago forgotten scene!
Will their water still be sweet
and will they still breathe pure clean air
It depends on real change, if we dare!
To the powers that be
and the powers that might be
please listen to what the Science does say
and have the courage to act and realise that there is another way.

So this is a strident call to arms
stop the madness, senseless, illogical planetary harm.
Let’s join together in our protest demands
to leave a better planet in our children’s hands!

The time has come the walrus said
Use your pens and your voices
Link strong young arms with wrinkly arthritic arms
long hair and dreads
with grey pony tails and balding heads
Speak to others about your planetary choices
Tell those in power to have some guts
and not to say ‘we support climate change’
followed by great bloody BUTS!