Showdown for Kyneton, Golf

In form: Kyneton Golf skipper Adrian Plowman in action as his four heads towards a 28- 17 victory against Kilmore’s John Reimann.

Highlands division one ladder-leader Kyneton stumbled at the wrong time on Saturday, going down by five shots at Broadford. 

A very costly defeat, and Kyneton now face reigning premier Kyneton Golf this weekend in the second last home and away bowls round before the semi-finals. 

Golf wants the double chance, and the old rivals will be keyed up for the match on the Kyneton green. 

Romsey was the big beneficiary of Kyneton’s defeat, moving 11 points clear in top spot. Staying there by disposing of Diggers Rest and Broadford in the last two rounds and Romsey earns a semi-final on its own synthetic surface. 

Last week, I wrote that Kyneton would face a danger game at Broadford, and so it proved. 

The Broadford green seems to cause monumental problems for some visiting players, and it must surely be the biggest home-ground advantage in Highlands. 

Anthony Mathison’s rink won by 22 shots for Kyneton, yet Broadford finished in front overall, leaving Kyneton players with a soul-searching drive home. 

Don’t know if Romsey sent a congratulatory message to Broadford, or not. The Redbacks have to wrestle with the same synthetic surface on February 24 after being at home to Diggers Rest this weekend. 

Golf welcomed fourth-placed Kilmore, and systematically finished with all fours up, and a margin of 31 shots to end up just four points behind Kyneton. 

This Saturday, Kyneton know a victory will secure the double chance if a victory comes in the match of the round. 

Broadford travel to Lancefield, with the Tigers coming off a 12-shot victory with a rejigged lineup at Diggers Rest. 

Geoff Stewart and John Parks were the winning skippers for Lancefield. 

Out at Trentham, Corey McKeone prevented a clean sweep victory by Romsey with a three-shot margin for the home side. 

Trentham is home to Gisborne this Saturday, and a win would most likely lift the Saints off the bottom, as Romsey (surely) will not make any mistakes at home to Diggers Rest. 

Here’s the ladder positions with two rounds remaining: Romsey 172, Kyneton 161, Kyneton Golf 157, Kilmore 121, Broadford 117, Lancefield 95, Gisborne 94, Diggers Rest 57, Trentham 50. 


Three of the four division 2 matches resulted in very healthy margins, with the closest resulting in Diggers Rest staying alive in the race for fourth place. 

Top side Gisborne outplayed fifth-placed Macedon by 29 shots, walloped Kilmore, Kilmore moved into third place with a 22-shot victory over Kyneton Golf, and Kyneton walloped Broadford by 47 in a clash with no bearing on the final four. 

In division 3, Lancefield bounced back from its only loss this season with an all fours up 47 shots margin at Macedon. 

Second-placed Gisborne (3) excelled at home with a massive 61-shot margin against third placed Kilmore, and fourth-placed Romsey had 28 shots to spare at Trentham. 


Results of Saturday’s matches in Highlands pennant were: 

Division 1: Broadford 64 d Kyneton 59: P. Newell 12 lost to Ant. Mathison 35, D. Kelly 23 d N. Jamieson 12, D. Ellis 29 d M. Smoljo 12; Kyneton Golf 78 d Kilmore 47: A. Barker 27 d D. Noonan 15, A. Plowman 23 d J. Reimann 17, R. Wilkinson 23d J. Wiffen 15; Romsey 78 d Trentham 52: M.Brundell 26 d T. Cook 14, C. Austin 21 lost to C. McKeone 24, A. Young 31 d M. Wakefield 14; Diggers Rest 50 lost to Lancefield 62: P. Robinson 9 lost to G. Stewart 17. 

Ladder: Romsey 172 points, Kyneton 161, Kyneton Golf 157, Kilmore 121, Broadford 117, Lancefield 95, Gisborne 94, Diggers Rest 57, Trentham 50. 

Division 2: Gisborne 72 d Macedon 43: B. Wylie 22 d B. Halpin 15, K. Jarred 23 d G. Dickenson 14, R. Newton 27 d I. Guymer 14; Kyneton 94 d Broadford 47: D. Fisher 35 d L. Barnes 13, J. Epps 22 d B. Boulton 20, J. Wells 37 d J. Bruce 14; Diggers Rest 70 d Woodend 63: R. Beckett 26 d G. Symons 18, A. Icely 13 lost to N. Bickerdyke 29, A. Scaramozzino 31 d T. Lennie 16; Kilmore 71 d Kyneton Golf 49: S. McNamara 35 d G. Williamson 10, A. Langdon 17 d J. Trounce 16, L. Hodgson 19 lost to C. Scott 23. 

Ladder: Gisborne 154, Romsey 139, Kilmore 134, Kyneton Golf 128, 

Macedon 116, Diggers Rest 115, Kyneton 93, Woodend 77, Broadford 68. 

Division 3: Romsey 71 d Trentham 43, J. Boyce 34 d I. Bruton 9, C. Dean 17 lost to G. Laurie 20, M. Gilligan 20 d Michelle Hinneberg 14; Gisborne (3) 95 d Kilmore 34, C. Butterley 27 d D. Boyd 18, R. Paterson 36 d C. Wright 8, T. Woodlock 32 d . Jowett 8; Woodend 57 d Gisborne (4) 41: A. Jewell23 d P. Wellingham 9, T. Sturt 23 d G. Pirie 8, D. Priede 11 lost to J. Hunter 24; Macedon 47 lost to Lancefield 94: D. Summerfield 11 lost to K. Webb 44, B. Wasyl 19 lost to J. Smith 30, B. Swan 17 lost to P. Shannon 20. 

Ladder: Lancefield 181, Gisborne (3) 166, Kilmore 145, Romsey 125, Woodend 94, Macedon 91, Gisborne (4) 88, Kyneton 73, Trentham 61.