Sugar Fed Leopards’ album to launch

Photo: Ryan Wheatley

Being in a band is an act of love, a love for music, for each other, for expression itself and is played on the magical strings of connection around platonic, romantic and familial feeling – it’s also a business.

The Sugar Fed Leopards have made it to 10 years making music together – and guess what? They still love each other! It’s a rare occurrence and something to be celebrated, so they dedicate their latest album, Love. Be in it, to the audiences, venues and industry that have joined them in their love quest and also to the spirit of friendship, shared energy, music and nightlife.

Backup vocalist Louise Terry aka ‘Lemona Squeeze’ told the Express that the band was much like a family, with all the highs and lows.

“We’ve grown up together, from our early 30s, and been through so much. There’s a timelessness that comes from being in the Sugar Fed Leopards, which brings an elixir of youth with it,” Louise said.

“Four of us live in Castlemaine, the rest are in Melbourne (we’re trying to get the rest to move out here), so we recorded the album in Justin’s studio above Stoneman’s Bookroom. It was a labour of love and a celebration of our 11 years together.”

A direct reference to the ‘Life Be In It’ government fitness campaign from the 80s, the album inspires people to get lovefit, through real connection and being moved by music. The reference also makes its way into the the songs with a healthy dose of 80s sounds and feels throughout.

“It’s a distillation of sound that is retro, nostalgic, with a real Muppets vibe and a nod to the Bee Gees in there with Need You Now,” Louise said.

“Our tongues are firmly planted in our cheeks throughout. Old Hand is a real Betty Davis, steamy tune. and Warm Toddy was a real pleasure to write and we recorded it live at rehearsal, so there’s a real looseness to it.

“This album is the most accomplished work we’ve done. We’re more experienced after 11 years and that confidence comes through in the music,” she said.

Described as ‘Kath and Kim on steroids’, the band’s exuberance and unique style of music and fashion appeal to a wide audience, from young children, through to octogenarians. Their ‘groupies’ arrive at gigs adjourned in sparkles, cat suits, wigs and hair pieces.

“When we perform there is a genuine joy and love that generates between us and the audience,” Louise said.

“Learning to not give a shit, gives people permission do the same. Body positivity is important and being in the band has given me a sense of adventurousness.

“The world needs more exuberance and not giving a f**k. We look great, ridiculous, but great,” she said.

Ultimately, Love. Be in it is an invitation, urging everyone to find the mood, get into it, get off the couch, come to the show and be in the music.

The Sugar Fed Leopards have taken 11 years to make this album and their story is as much a tale of romance with each other and music as an ode to Love as a verb and a way of living, with music as the connecting thread.

Love. Be In It is released on Friday, April 19 and performed live at Rocksteady Records, CBD for Record Store Day, and at The Night Cat on Friday, May 17.