Blockbuster at Showgrounds

Tomorrow’s blockbuster Kyneton versus Woodend-Hesket football and netball matches will launch the Riddell League’s 2024 season.

The Good Friday matches at the Kyneton Showgrounds are a one-off for the RDFNL, and mark the start of a new era with Kyneton’s complete departure from the Bendigo League. 

Respective club presidents Hayden Evans (Kyneton) and Paul Podbury (Woodend-Hesket) anticipate strong support for the football and netball matches on Friday. 

Kyneton has arranged plenty of entertainment for Good Friday, including face painting and a long kicking contest at half time in the main match. 

Ethan Foreman is Kyneton’s new senior football coach, and he has a long affiliation with the Tigers, as well as having played in the Riddell League. 

Foreman is particularly keen to encourage young local football talent, and is optimistic about the club’s decision to join the RDFNL. 

Kyneton’s senior football side is expected to be somewhat different to season 2023. 

Woodend-Hesket was runner-up to Diggers Rest in the 2023 grand final, but it will be a new-look Hawks’ side on Good Friday. 

Podbury said there would be plenty of positive inclusions in the Hawks’ lineup under new playing coach Alistair Rae, who has spent the past five seasons in leadership roles with the Hawks. 

While the Hawks have lost big ruckman Tim Martin, Podbury expects the club to again have a good season. 

“We expect to be faster overall,” he added. 

Grant Burns has just taken over as Woodend-Hesket Reserves coach, and Podbury confirmed the Hawks would not be fielding an Under 19.5 side this season with lack of player availability. 

However, there will be an Under 19.5 match between Kyneton and Macedon at the Showgrounds on Good Friday. 

On the netball scene, Kyneton A-graders face up to a Woodend-Hesket side that won the 2023 premiership. 

Overall, there should be a lot to learn from what unfolds at the Showgrounds on Good Friday. 

Kyneton is really keen to build its supporter base as it embarks on what should be an impact journey in the Riddell League. 

The RDFNL is expected to look for a new operations manager, following the departure of Aaron McLean, who is joining Motorcycling Victoria. 


BACK: Safstrom, Huntley, Turner

HALF BACK: Holden, S Foreman, E Foreman

CENTRE: Willmott, Strawhorn, Agnew

HALF FORWARD: Young, E Davie, O’Sullivan

FORWARDS: Nolte, Randell, Pretty

RUCKS: Eales, Fisher, Gaff

INT: Bennington, A Mahoney, Bartels, Thompson


BACK: Bowen, Cuffe, Gove

HALF BACK: Chapman, Duff-Tytler, Laverie

CENTRE: Miranda, Toman, Wiseman

HALF FORWARD: Bramley, Rae, Caelan

FORWARDS: Duggan, Ferguson, Watt

RUCKS: X Tadd, Barton, Baker

INT: White, Brown, J Tadd, R Miranda


Kyneton FNC has made some changes to the entrances at the Kyneton Showgrounds for the day. 

Mollison Street entry – open from 10am – will be pedestrian access only. 

Beauchamp Street entry – open from 8am – will be car and pedestrian access.