A hunt for the haunted

Kyneton Paranormal's Dolly Adamson is investigating the region's most haunted historic buildings.

Many people would keep their distance from haunted buildings but Dolly Adamson is seeking them out.
The Kyneton paranormal investigator is eager to explore the region’s most haunted venues and is searching for her next location.

“There are many old buildings in the Macedon Ranges and Goldfields area that I’d love to investigate because it’s got such a fascinating history,” Dolly said.
Some of those on Dolly’s wish list include the Old Kyneton Hospital, the Old Kyneton Primary School, Malmsbury’s ‘Mansions’ and Clarkefield Hotel.

Leading Kyneton Paranormal’s tours, one of Dolly’s recent experiences uncovered the ghosts of Kyneton Museum over three nights in May.
Kyneton’s psychic medium Bec offered psychic readings in the main building’s upstairs parlour, while Dolly led small group site tours.
“People have reported seeing and feeling different things,” Dolly said.
“Unfortunately, most of the encounters have been predictable or spirits without a sense of humour so far.”

The museum has plenty of history and had manypeople within its walls as the former Bank of NSW.
Dolly was not surprised to feel the presence of the former bank manager. Tour participants reported several ghostly sightings and unexplained piano music.
Some museum staff and volunteers have also experienced strange happenings while on site including flickering lights and shifted heavy furniture.
“The museum has a lot of history as well as over 2000 donated and loaned items. Sometimes spirits can attach themselves to items so it was a very interesting experience,” Dolly said.

Dolly began Kyneton Paranormal after ghostly encounters in her own Edwardian home.
She now hosts ghost tours and paranormal investigation evenings at the Great Western Hotel in Ballan, Hotel Rochester and other sites around the region. Tour participants are kitted out with various ghost detection devices such as K2 meters and EMP detectors.
Dolly also regularly teams with Psychic Medium Bec to offer psychic readings, some taking place at Woodend’s Vic Hotel.
Dolly said there were many old buildings believed to be haunted in the region that could benefit from the tours.

In exchange for access to these buildings for tours, Kyneton Paranormal is offering to pay site owners a portion of the tour ticket sales.
Dolly said the tours could help support upkeep or future renovations.
Anyone interested in offering their haunted building for tours can contact Dolly on 0400 475 974 or email kynetonparanormal@gmail.com